Kentucky Center for Geospatial Education, Research, and Outreach (KCGERO)

Remote Sensing Tutorials
Canadian Remote Sensing Center Tutorial:
NASA Remote Sensing Tutorial:
Remote Sensing Core Curriculum: NCGIA Core Curriculum (high school, undergraduate)
NASA Tutorial (middle and high school, undergraduate) (middle, and high school, undergraduate)
Canadian Centre for Remote Sensing Tutorial (high school, undergraduate)
University of Arizona Remote Sensing Tutorials (undergraduate)
Earth Observation Magazine Tutorial (high school, undergraduate)
West Virginia GLOBE Program Land Cover-Biology Tutorials (Data Access, ArcCatalog, ArcMap)

NASA World Wind:
NASA Remote Sensing Tutorial:
NASA Visible Earth:
NASA Earth Observatory:
NASA Earth as Art:
Kentucky Landscape Census:
Kentucky Landscape Shapshot:
Kentucky Aerial Photography:
Kentucky Geographic Explorer:
Quickbird high resolution sample imagery:
Space Imaging satellite imagery sample gallary:
Google Earth:

Remotely Sensed Image Galleries
  USGS Earthshots – Satellite Images of Environmental Change
USGS-EROS – source for state mosaics
NASA’s Gateway to Astronaut Photography
The National Snow and Ice Data Center
NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center Image Gallery
NASA Visible Earth
ASTER Gallery
University of Wisconsin’s Space Science and Engineering Center (Real-Time Images)

Remote Sensing Outreach Sites  Goddard Space Flight Center Landsat Program Site USGS Education Program NASA Climate and Environmental Change

1) American Society for Photogrammetery and Remote Sensing:
2) Association of American Geographers, Remote Sensing Specialty Group:
3) IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Society:

1) Satellite Imagery FAQ:
2) Vegetation in Remote Sensing FAQ:

On-line Remote Sensing Education Guides
The Center for Biodiversity Conservation, American Museum of Natural History
NASA IMAGERS, Interactive Multimedia Adventures for Grade School Education Using Remote Sensing (K-5)
Reading Satellite Images, the Discovery Channel’s Education Site (6-8)
ASPRS Guide to Land Imaging Satellites (all levels)
NOAA’s Weather Satellite Guide (K-12)
University of Illinois Online Guide to Remote Sensing (high school, undergraduate)
The Nature Conservancy Primer (high school, undergraduate)
US Forest Service “Weed Manager’s Guide to Remote Sensing and GIS” (professionals)

Remote Sensing Careers
ASPRS Career Brochure:

List of Remote Sensing Satellites
ASPRS Guide to Land Imaging Satellites: